KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 4 - The National ICT Association of Malaysia, PIKOM, has announced that Malaysia has scored eight wins at this year's Asia Pacific Information and Communications Technology Alliance (APICTA) Awards 2015 held in Sri Lanka.

PIKOM Chairman CS Chin said competitors from Malaysia chalked up three Winners and five Merit awards. "PIKOM would like to congratulate all winners and merit award recipients. It is heartening to note that the Malaysian ICT industry has once again excelled against the region's best. We look forward to see them scale greater heights as their accomplishments spur them on to take on bigger challenges."

Chin said the winners were Chong Hwa Independent High School in the School Project category, BNetworks in the Communication category and Green Data Centre LLP in the Sustainability and Environment Technology (SUST-17) category.

- Chong Hwa's PasSafe project is a online / USB based password that ensure ease of password recall and convenience while ensuring user protection.

- BNetworks' bWave is an end-to-end solution enables Internet of Things (IoT) applications across various market verticals. The current version supports Surveillance, Energy Management, Security, Automation and Climate Control functions from a single hub via intuitive user Apps.

- Green Data Centre LLP's state-of-the art coolant is 1350x more efficient than air. Any OEM server, switch, firewall or router can be submersed in the coolant with resulting significant savings in energy use - 90 percent reduction in cooling energy required and another 15 percent saved as fans are no longer required for servers. The coolant is renewable, sustainable and bio-degradable, works indoors or outdoors with only basic flooring and standard fire protection required.

As well as the winners, Malaysia also received five merit awards across different categories. The recipients were: Jayonik MSC (E-learning category), ManagePay Services (Financial Industry Application), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Research & Development), Multimedia University (Tertiary Student Project) and DF Automation & Robotics (Industry Application).

The annual APICTA Awards is held locally with local winners, which then moves to competition at a regional level. Paricipating companies benefits include networking opportunities, exposure to venture capitalists and investors, and a platform to benchmark products and services.

"We certainly hope to see that more Malaysian companies will accept the challenge and embrace the opportunity that APICTA provides for improvement. It is part of the journey of honing one's competitive edge and to put yourself to the test at both national and international level," said Chin.

On the right: Jayonik MSC Sdn Bhd(Zaidi Bin Jamaludin & Ainul Azlan Bin Jamaludin) e- Learning Category Merit Recipient

On the right: ManagePay Services Sdn Bhd (Janette Lim & Ng Kian Seng) Financial Industry Application Category Merit Recipient

On the right: DF Automation & Robotics Sdn Bhd (Dr. Yeong Che Fai) Merit Recipient for Industry Application Category

Winner of the School Project Cateogry Chong Hwa Independent High School (Low Weng Fei)

Winner of Communication Category BNetworks Sdn Bhd (Tharmaindran K Gannasin)

Winner of Sustainability & Environment Technology Category Green Data Center LLP (Matthew Rajendra)

On the left: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Khor Kang Xiang) Merit Recipient for Research & Development Category

The Malaysian Participants

Merit Recipient of Tertiary Student Project Category Multimedia University (9th & 10th from left: Victor Teh and Nicholas Koh)

From L-R: Mr. Niran Noor (VP, Stakeholder Engagement, MDEC), Low Weng Fei (winner of School Project Category), Matthew Rajendra (Winner of Sustainability and Environment Technology Technology), Tharmaindran (winner of Communications category), Tan Sri Abdul Halim Ali (Chairman, MDEC)

Malaysian Participants (part of them) in front of Nelum Pokuna, Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre (Awards and Gala Dinner venue)

Congratulations to Malaysia Winners at International APICTA Awards 2015 at Sri Lanka!!!!




Award Category



BNetworks Sdn Bhd

bWave - Universal Gateway for IoT Applications



Green Data Center LLP

Eco2 Green Data Centers

Sustainability & Environment Technology


Chong Hwa Independent High School


School Project

MERIT Recipients


Jayonik MSC Sdn Bhd

Jayonik RapidBus Simulator System



ManagePay Services Sdn Bhd


Financial Industry Application


Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Compact Rehabilitation Robot (CR2)

Research & Development


Multimedia University

Early Infarct detection for Brain Images

Tertiary Student Project


DF Automation & Robotics Sdn Bhd

DF Automated Guided Vehicle

Industry Application