Apicta 2005

The fifth Asia Pacific ICT Awards 2005 took place in Chiangmai, Thailand from 16 to 20 February, 2006. Initially scheduled to be held in Bali in November 2005, the event had to be moved to Thailand due to the Bali bombings incident and the fact that Indonesia wasn’t able to meet the criteria set by the APICTA Network Executive Committee.

This event is organized by the Association of Thai ICT Industry supported by the Software Industry Promotion Agency and the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Thailand.


Malaysia sent a big delegation of about 75 people which comprised representatives from 24 companies, two institutions of higher learning, two schools, three judges and staff from the MDC. Malaysia had submitted 28 nominations in all 15 categories that were contested. A total of 164 nominations were submitted by 11 countries.


The Malaysian nominations fared pretty well this year with three Winners and four Merit winners. It’s worth noting that a Merit is awarded to a nomination which scored not less than 95% from the score of the winner. Also, the Chief Judge, Suwipa Wanasathop from Thailand, commented that many Malaysian entries scored very close to the Merits in the different categories.

The Winners were TISS MSC Sdn Bhd (security), IFCA MSC Bhd (tourism and hospitality) and Multimedia University (tertiary student project). Merits went to Green Packet Bhd (communications applications), Camtech Asia IT&T Sdn Bhd (financial applications), Dtex International Sdn Bhd (security) and Universiti Sains Malaysia (R&D)


Malaysia participated actively in parallel business opportunity sessions that were organized by the host country and also initiated some activities.

A Country Overview session was held with the aim of presenting ICT opportunities in the participating countries as well as a platform for companies to exhibit their products and for technopreneurs to network. The Malaysian country presentation was done by Nancy Choy. A total of 12 companies have participated in the exhibition session. There was a very good response from other economies’ participants at the event which resulted in our companies establishing quality business contacts.


Dr. Abu Talib Bachik represented Malaysia/MDC in a panel discussion on ICT human resource development. The forum comprised of panelists from Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand. It was a very fruitful session in which each country representatives shared experience and ideas on how to address issues pertaining to development of the human capital in the ICT industry.

A cozy dinner was organized to welcome and gather the Malaysian nominees. Tan Sri Abdul Halim Ali, Chairman of MDC gave a welcoming speech and later we invited Chris Chan, CEO of The Media Shoppe to give a speech to share his experience as an entrepreneur, a past MSC-APICTA and APICTA winner as well as the Advisor of Technopreneur Association of Malaysia (TeAM).


The Media Shoppe Sdn Bdd (TMS) signed an agreement with the Chiangmai University during APICTA 2005. This simple and “private” ceremony was witnessed by Tan Sri Halim. In this agreement, TMS will be providing its tmsEKP™ solution as a knowledge management (KM) platform and technology for the university’s students.


A high level meeting with the Thai ICT authorities took place before the Award presentation dinner. This meeting was attended by Kanawat Wasinssongwan, Vice-ICT Minister, Thailand, Kruewal Somana, Chairwoman of SIPA, Manoo Ordeedolchet, President of SIPA and Jumrud Sawangsamud, President of ATCI. Tan Sri Halim led the MDC delegation which comprised of Dr. Abu Talib Bachik, Nancy Choy and Mohammad Hanizal.


The meeting focused on how agencies from both countries can jointly develop programmes for the benefit their respective ICT industry. The Thais have expressed their interest to learn from MDC’s experience and explore possibilities of joint-development. Several areas of collaboration have been identified such as smart card applications, creative multimedia content and animation, software development for small footprint devices. Tan Sri Halim has invited the Thai Vice-ICT Minister and the others to come and visit the MDC.


The APICTA event is not only a competition to prove a company’s product innovation but platform for companies to find business opportunities. Many of the nominees have expressed their satisfaction and gratitude towards MDC for this opportunity to meet with their peers from the 11 participating economies. Valuable contacts have been made which may lead to potential collaborations. And to the students, participating in APICTA was a valuable experience in terms of exposure to the business world and the ICT industry.



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