Apicta 2006

The sixth Asia Pacific ICT Awards 2006 took place in Macao SAR from the November 2 to 5, 2006.

This event was organized by the Macau Computer Association (MCA) and Bureau of Telecommunications Regulations, Macau as a co-organizer. It was also supported by the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute and the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center.

Malaysia sent a delegation of 72 people comprising representatives from 20 companies, five institutions of higher learning,  two schools, and five judges and staff from MDeC, led Yang Bahagia Dato Dr Abu Talib Bachik, Senior Vice President, Technopereneur Development Division (TeDD) of MDeC.


Malaysia submitted 27 nominations in all 15 categories that were contested. A total of 175 nominations were submitted by 12 economies including Malaysia.

This year’s achievement was not as commendable as last year’s as Malaysia bagged only one Winner and three Merits, despite the coaching and guidance provided to the nominees. A review is being conducted to get feedback from Malaysian nominees as well as the Malaysian judges at APICTA to identify the reason behind Malaysia’s poor performance this year.

The winner was N2N Connect Bhd (Financial Applications). Merits went to Rexit Bhd (Financial Applications), Linguamatrix Sdn Bhd (General Applications) and Select-TV Sdn Bhd (Tourism & Hospitality).


Malaysia participated actively in parallel business opportunity sessions that were organized by the host country and also initiated some activities.

An experience sharing session (finance category) was hosted by Malaysia. This two-hour session held in the morning of November 4 was in the form of a dialogue/forum and to discuss the global and regional trends of ICT applications in the finance industry. More than 20 people attended this session which was aimed at giving opportunities to nominees in this category to present their products and to network with each other. Two Malaysian nominees from Financial Applications category – N2N Connect Bhd and REXIT Bhd and the rest from others economies – Wealth Management System Limited from Thailand and TPS Pakistan (PVT) Ltd from Pakistan presented their products /solutions. The latter also spoke on opportunities in e-banking in Pakistan.


An experience sharing session (communications and media & entertainment category) was hosted by Hong Kong. This three-hour session discussed the global and regional trends in communications and media technology and was a knowledge sharing session for the nominees in the “Communications” and “Media & Entertainment” categories. John Chiu, a director of AT Group Ltd, presented a talk:  “Global Trends in Fixed/Mobile Convergence” while Dr. Lawrence Cheung, principal consultant for HK Productivity Council, presented “Global & Regional Trends in Digital Entertainment”. About 30 people attended this session which was moderated by Stephen Lau of the Hong Kong Computer Society.


An experience sharing session (e-government and healthcare) was hosted by Singapore. This three-hour session discussed the global and regional trends of ICT applications in the industry for the nominees in the e-government and healthcare category. An introduction to the Singapore ICT Landscape were done by Colin Chow, executive director, Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF). Singapore’s Central Provident Fund Board (CPF Board), Land Transport Authority and Singapore Technologies (ST Electronics) – Infocomm Systems gave presentations. The Malaysian nominee in Healthcare, iGene Sdn Bhd presented their solution. More than 30 people attended this session.


A cozy dinner was organized on Nov 4 at the Flamengo Restaurant of the Regency Hotel, Macao for the Malaysian participants to APICTA 2006. Dr. Abu Talib Bachik gave his welcoming remarks and shared some experience with regards to last year’s awards and encouraged participants to take advantage of the APICTA event to network and seek business opportunities. Also invited to the dinner are representatives from other economies of the APICTA Network.


The APICTA program is not only a competition to prove a company’s product innovation but has grown to become a platform where companies can find business opportunities. Even though Malaysia did not fare very well this year, many of the nominees have expressed their satisfaction and gratitude towards MDeC for this opportunity to meet with their peers from the 11 participating economies. Valuable contacts have been made which may lead to potential collaborations. This was also the first time that many of the Malaysian delegates met with each other which has resulted in some collaboration opportunities as well. And to the students, participating in APICTA was a valuable experience in terms of exposure to the business world and especially in the ICT industry. 

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