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Nomination Form Guidelines

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Code Number  : SGIT-16
Cluster Category : Sustainability and Green IT

Product Definition :
The application of software and/or hardware and/or processes and/or related products or services which addresses sustainability issues inclusive of but not limited to climate change, environmental conservation and impact and/or Green IT initiatives such as life-cycle management, resource management, carbon emission reduction , environmental performance monitoring or renewable energy management. Sustainability is measuring metrics based on economic, environmental and social outcomes.

This category seeks to award the innovative application of Information Technolology to undertake any activity in a more sustainable manner and/or maintain a neutral or positive its overall environmental impact; which addresses issues inclusive of but not limited to measure enterprise emissions, reduce emissions associated with customers and suppliers to reduce the value-chain footprint. The overall goal is to reduce the IT footprint to build credibility and demonstrate tangible benefits and ultimately transform operations to operate in a low-carbon economy.

Definitions for submission

Sustainability /sustainable
Sustainability /sustainable refers to the ability to continue a process/operation or service[product] indefinitely which meets the needs of the present, without compromising eco-systems and ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Climate change
Climate change refers to effect of global warming attributed to the increase of Green House Gases and aerosols from human activity (GHG) in the earth’s atmosphere. Activities contributing to increase of GHG in the atmosphere include but not limited to deforestation, consumption of natural resources, industrial and farming activities and unsustainable business practices.

Environmental conservation
The practice of protecting the environment by an individual, organisation and/or government for the benefit of the natural environment and/or humans. Environmental conservation ensures the environment is preserved over time.

Environmental impact
Refers to the potential or actual positive or negative effect on the environment. Impact includes but not limited to deforestation, consumption of natural resources, industrial and farming activities, recycling, sustainable resource management and reforestation.

Environmental issues
Refers to issues with have a negative effect on the environment.
Issues include but not limited to deforestation, GHG emissions, consumption of natural resources, unsustainable business practices and socio-economic factors which negatively impact the environment.