Best of Research & Development (R & D)

Nomination Form Guidelines

These are just guidelines to help you fill up the Sections in the Nomination Form.

You do not have to provide answers to all the "questions", BUT each Section has to be completed.

Section 1: Profile of Company / Organization / Institution

Section 2: Synopsis   (This is what would be written about your product should you win)

For the product / project / research :-

  • Summary/Description
  • Why it is better / different from others in the market
  • Why it deserves to win

Section 3: Advantages/Uniqueness

  • Benefits to target industry
  • What your product/service does or does better than existing or competing offerings
  • How different in concept and idea in your product / service
  • Increased efficiency (including less red tape)
  • Any other

Section 4: Innovation

  • Innovative use of the technology or methodology
  • Proof of Concept
  • Originality of Concept or implementation (design/development)
  • Any outstanding features / functionalities
  • Creative research / development techniques
  • Enabling technology
  • Using multiple technologies to create innovative and compelling solutions

Section 5: Quality

  • Project Methodology
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Enhance productivity and efficiency
  • Staff expertise
  • Practicality of application
  • Acknowledged by professionals in areas relevant to the project
  • Industry, peers or Government recognition or any Awards achieved
  • Measurable results - achieved aims
  • Identifiable with Malaysia

Section 6: Potential

  • Practicality of application
  • Potential for Commercialisation
  • Target Market
  • Export, employment or economical potential
  • Plans to commercialise and strategies to develop ahead of competition
  • Further areas identified for expansion

Section 7: Local Content

  • R & D wholly in Malaysia OR
  • Substantially in Malaysia ( indicate % done in Malaysia )
  • Contributions and/or Research that has been undertaken in Malaysia
  • Where else the R & D is done